Pregnancy and prenatal vitamins

Take care during pregnancy on your weight. The baby is going to need all the nutrients that you take with you. Many pregnant women have strong appetite for something special during the pregnancy. This strong appetite is normal, as long you eat not only a food in large quantities. It is important that you balanced during pregnancy and fed with healthy portions, so that the baby are exposed to various food products that support its development. If you eat too much, you sicken you and your baby. ISS so not too much – just eat when you’re hungry.




Watch out for balanced supply of vitamins. If you go to the doctor, you’ll need to talk about prenatal vitamins, if you want to know more about prenatal vitamins – check out the prenatal vitamins guru by clicking here. You’ll find out all the information you need on popular over the counter options such as Spring Valley Prenatal Vitamins, chew-able prenatal vitamins and nature made prenatal vitamins.  You should take it every day, so that you and your baby stay healthy and it is well developed. Especially if you certain nutritional needs have, can have prenatal vitamins, ate your baby receives substances, promoting a healthy development. Especially vitamin D can help your child to grow, and it reduces the risk to develop type 1 diabetes. .



Focus on tight voltage and enjoying your pregnancy, even as far as this is possible, if you are working during your pregnancy, it will help you during this time to be as happy as possible. Stressed mothers have difficult, especially when it comes to produce milk for breastfeeding, to eat the right nutrients to support your child’s development, and to create the right environment in which the child can grow up.



You should drink plenty of milk to friends to take more vitamin D, it is good for the teeth and bones of the baby. the amount of calcium you need every day is 1000 mg. Vitamin D is also included in dairy products such as yogurt and cheese, Sun, oily fish and eggs, except in milk. If you choose fish as a source of vitamin D, make sure that you choose fish, which contains only small amounts of mercury. Eating fish with high mercury content can negatively affect the stomach of your baby. Seafood, the Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the brain and during pregnancy.



Make sure that you also folic acid to friends. Folic acid is good, that your baby’s spine is properly developed and the nerves remain neutral. As an additional benefit, folic acid usually occurs in foods such as spinach, eggs, beans and liver.



Try to do some sport to keep your blood pressure in the balance during pregnancy and to muscles. Sport is during pregnancy of great importance that the fetus developed properly because the increased blood flow regulates the metabolism. Many pregnant women find it easier with the growing belly, while other women prefer light jogging static movement, such as yoga and Pilates. No matter what sport you do, make sure that you talk to your doctor before you do it regularly so that you and your baby are safe. Even if sport is quite normal during pregnancy, and healthy, your doctor can help you to choose yours a special sports pregnancy most at least affected.


Find out with your new body. A positive feeling of the body contributes to a better pregnancy for you and your baby during pregnancy. To maintain a positive feeling and to celebrate milestones in your growth and to meet with a nutritionist are good steps on the way to a more positive feel.


Philips AC4012/10 air cleaner

The Philips AC4012/10 air cleaner should be especially well suited for people with allergies and children. He should improve the known bad air in the living room and create a clean environment.


The manufacturer advertises no ionization and harmful ozone here with the VitaShield – technology, works. This filter pollutants out of the air and returned only clean air to the room. These help the high-quality HEPA and carbon filters of the Philips AC4012/10 of air cleaner. Thanks to its good effect, he is recommended by Avent for babies and children and has been certified and tested by the European Centre for allergy research foundation.


Thanks to the energy-saving and quiet operation, the air cleaner can be used permanently. In addition to practical sensor technology to monitor air quality, has the Philips AC4012/10 Air Purifier different timer – functions, as well as 3 speed levels.

Product details


Philips VitaShield provides a natural way to get even the smallest particles from the air


  • High quality HEPA and carbon filters
  • ECARF certifies – suitable for allergy sufferers
  • By Avent recommended – for kids and babies
  • Free air from allergens, dust, bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, gases
  • Quiet operation
  • 3 speed levels with night mode
  • Optical LED – signal
  • Timer – functions for the automatic switch-off after 1/4/8 hours
  • Energy-efficient operation


Customer reviews



The Philips AC4012/10 Air Purifier has mostly positive reviews. At least 52% of all reviews shall assess the Air Purifier with 4 out of 5 stars. The air cleaner is the ideas of most customers.


Several of the positive reviews are very detailed. As you read, that the operation of the device is simple and logical. Many customers find very handy colour light display to the status of air quality. For most people, this ad was red, what should display a high air pollution.


After switching on and running the Air Purifier the lamp turns to most of then to blue. This means that the air is now clean. This easy to understand visual representation of the air quality has been praised by many customers.


There is also often positively noticed how quiet the Philips AC4012/10 is air purifier. So can you let him go in sleep mode actually in the bedroom. The chic design is mentioned more than once positively.




There are currently for the Philips AC4012/10 air purifiers no negative reviews. Only a few minor defects are mentioned. Still, he deserves at least 3 out of 5 stars in all customer reviews. A few customers describe a hum of the device, which can be annoying.


A customer writes that this noise even in sleep mode is to hear what is somewhat disruptive to sleep. Another customer writes that the air AC4012/10 coming from the Philips air cleaner, seems clean, but very cold. This can be uncomfortable during the winter months.



The Philips AC4012/10 air cleaner receives an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Although there are currently only 31 reviews, none of them are really negative.  However this item isn’t as good as the honeywell 50250.  That to us is our favorite air purifier and an in depth review can be found here.

That is impressive. Probably, the higher price discourages many people from buying. But reading the reviews, one can assume that the quite money worth Philips AC4012/10 air cleaner is.


Glam diaper bag

Casual Glam shoulder bag diaper bag: don’t look like diaper bags
The Glam shoulder bag has a big advantage: you open the zipper, which spans the 42 x 28 x 16 of cm large diaper bag, found two large main compartments instead of one. Also in other facilities and compartments is able to convince the casual product.  This is a great diaper bag, especially for boys, if you’re looking for more boy diaper bags check here.

Two large main compartments

While it is difficult find in inside of some diaper bags in the Web of baby and everyday utensils, humid and clothing to change, important and less important, the casual offers a simple but effective solution: there are two equally large main compartments. The Glam shoulder thus combines two Pocket features in one and grabs the bag with it to the diaper bag. Items wanted have you already before pregnancy to find space in the second compartment. Mobile phone, key, money market & co. in turn can also separately and safely in storage and in this way avoid the stranger access.

Wearing styles and stroller attachment

It is carried by two classic handles casual. You would like to have both hands free, can be resorted on one additional shoulder strap. Alternatively, the Glam shoulder but also on the pushchair can be attached. To if you click the side eyelets in the included loops of the pram attachment a. Also beneficial: The removable drink holder. It increases mobility, when on the go feeding is necessary, and creates in addition order and overview.

Robust, lightweight, water resistant

Another plus: A water repellent wet compartment, a utensil pocket and insulated bottle holder. Practically, the built-in changing pad is also, however silent is the manufacturer over its size. A clear statement which can be found to the weight and that is evident here casual exceptionally modest: just 1.28 kg brings it on the scale. The polyester material which turns the rest according to customer reports as robust and stain-friendly, is responsible for this “lightweight construction” because it is easily wiped off and apparently well withstand also unsanfteren treatments.

High commercial value even after changing time

The Glam shoulder on the opinion pages in the network does well. So report users enthusiastically from the superior advantages of the second main compartment, praise the usability of the bag far beyond the winding time indeed and classified the simple but attractive exterior of the Glam shoulder in their testimonials. The quality is good, but it seems a slip to make: as is reported occasionally loose seams, what should in fact justify a penalty.
But NET, makes them very good casual and should appeal to both mothers as fathers, who want to know connected a high functionality and simple aesthetics. However such performance is not at the same time for little money to have: at least 74 EUR (Amazon) are payable on the purchase.