Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Review

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 has been dubbed a ‘cult stroller’ because of its popular following by parents and caregivers. It must be a mix of the overall appearance and safety design.

Bugaboo has put a lot of effort into the Cameleon 3, making it a top of the line stroller. As expected, the high quality reflects in the price tag. During my pregnancy, I seen the Bugaboo model many times before I finally decided to purchase it. While I thought it looked good, I was unsure how the soft tires would manage on hard surfaces, and why it cost so much? Although my region does not have much cobblestone areas, I opted for the Quinny baby shell, but did not use it much.

In the past year, being a blogger of baby products I was pursued by the popularity of Bugaboo to hold a contest around my neighborhood. It seemed my street mostly consisted of Bugaboo’s. Meanwhile, I began to wonder I the all-in-one models is what was becoming a thing. But, I think the price tag may be a bit much on this designer stroller as each section costs extra.

I heard rumors about the Bugaboo strollers being able to handle anything thrown at it, but I was not convinced. When I found that it used a buggy style design, I understood why it was so popular, among other features. Unfortunately, by the time I was able to get a Bugaboo of my own, my child had outgrown it.

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Bugaboo now has a Neon Edition, also referred to as the Mini-Rodini Collection which is designed using a lace type material to enhance the appearance. Of course, I am unable to review the product without testing it. I considered ordering one through Amazon to gather the required information, but not sure.

The Bugaboo has brought my relationship with Janina, the author of small style, much closer. We spoke about the Bugaboo the other day and she too is convinced with the Bugaboo strollers, this inspired me to begin writing my review about the Bugaboo strollers and their value, not cost.

However, without owning one I need your help to gather facts. Do you own a Bugaboo, if so do you enjoy it? Why or why not?

Can you explain the reason paying so much for a stroller that only lasts a few years? How long have you been using your Bugaboo stroller? What benefits does this stroller provide that others do not? Do the soft wheels move easily? Have you found any disadvantages, such as issues loading or unloading in the car?

Share your Bugaboo experience in the comments below!